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Thank you for your interest in Ian Petro Videography. As a videography company we know there can be a lot of questions when it comes to every detail of the process. We will continue to add our most frequently asked questions to this page as we receive them from our clients.

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General Questions

Quick turnaround times is one of the core values of my business, I see so many videographers have these enormously long turnaround times and It has never made sense to me. Our normal turnaround times are 1-3 days depending on the current amount of projects going on. You can pay an extra fee for guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time though.

It really depends on the client and type of project. If you are a recurring client and we have worked with you before and there has been no problems on your end with payment, then no deposit needed. But if you are a first time client, I do require a 50% deposit upfront. If it’s a long form project, I will just send invoices every 2 weeks as the work is completed. A signed quote by the client is also required before work is started on the project to protect both the client and me.

My normal rate, as of now, is $50 an hour for filming and editing. I also have a $50 raw footage charge for providing the client with all of the raw footage which I can either provide a download link through google drive, or put it on an external hard drive, paid for by the client.

You will receive your video with a Vimeo download link. You can contact me about other methods of delivery.